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What is the Virtual Product Warehouse?

The Virtual Product Warehouse (VPW) is the world’s largest selection of personalised and on demand products. It has become a leading destination for retailers who are looking to source the latest products. Suppliers can add their retail-ready products to VPW to reach a global market instantly.

Key facts you should know:

  • Thousands of active retailers

  • An enormous product range, covering dozens of categories

  • Designed for personalised and print on demand products

  • Thousands of products available for instant publishing

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Why choose to harness the Virtual Product Warehouse?

Gone are the difficulties of trying to connect with new brands and retailers, or the risk of only operating in and selling to a small market sector. With the Virtual Product Warehouse, you’re already one step ahead of the game, with access to a huge array of retailers and brand-new markets.

Add Your Products to VPW

Supplier Blanks

Blank products are those provided by suppliers, which act as a blank canvas for anyone who wants to add their own design and make their own virtual product. In our Gateway Custom Product Platform, and as part of your licence (see below for more information), you can choose to add your own blank products, or source a huge array of pre-existing blanks from approved suppliers including:

  • Homeware
  • Giftware
  • Textiles & Garments
  • Technology

We now have more than 50,000 blanks available globally, helping suppliers print more products, designers design more products and give retailers unparalleled choice.

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What Can Custom Gateway’s Platform Offer You?

Download Your Free Guide to Gateway CPP

If you’re interested in harnessing a CPP Supplier Licence, we’ve put together an in-depth guide to the Custom Product Platform, discussing everything that you need to know. Written by our CEO Andrew Talbot, this guide includes a look at the Virtual Product Warehouse, Supplier Blanks and how suppliers – like you – can benefit.

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